Margaret Jerman

A little bit of everything 

by AnnaScott Cross

When you walk into Margaret Jerman’s home in Angier, North Carolina, the first thing you see is art displayed everywhere. On the walls, the mantle over the fireplace, the piano, every available surface was covered in art. What makes it interesting, though, is that the all of the art is different. There are watercolors, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, colored pencil drawings, sculptures, painted bottles, painted frying pans, candles, painted chairs, and more, each piece as unique and beautiful as the last.


Margaret says that the love of art runs in her family. Growing up with an art teacher for a mother, Margaret and her sisters were exposed to art from a young age. After graduating high school, she attended college at Campbell University studying education. She got married right out of college and wanted horses, so the couple moved to their current house in Angier where they have lived for over forty years. Margaret taught school in the Harnett County school system, teaching things like math, science, and social science. After retiring from that job, she continued to teach by home educating two of her grandchildren and working with children in the area.

When it comes to art, Margaret keeps herself busy. She does pen and inks, pen and ink with oil roughing, watercolors, chalk pastels, oil paints, acrylics, and colored pencils. She says that she will, “Paint anything that doesn’t move,” which has included chairs, tables, glass, candles, wood, gourds, frying pans, and bottles. She has also built furniture, painted kids’ faces, and has done pottery, stained glass, and fused glass. She says that, “If it’s out there, I’ll try it.” Aside from her personal projects, Margaret paints every week with several of her neighbors, and skypes a friend in New York to discuss and work on art. She is also a member of the Capital Area Decorative Artists and the Society of Decorative Painters.

For her inspiration, Margaret says that she has an insatiable curiosity, and that, “If somebody else can do something, I’m going to try it.” She also loves to help people, so she has picked up many different skills over the years helping people with their various projects.


In the future, Margaret plans to continue producing a variety of art, helping other people with their projects, and blessing people with her finished pieces. To get in touch with her, contact her at

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