Julie Skolozynski

the Rooster's Crow

by AnnaScott Cross

Mother of five, wife to a firefighter, vegetarian, artist, and art teacher. These are just a few of the titles that Julie Skolozynski has in her life. Growing up as an art lover, her parents encouraged her to pursue art. This eventually led to earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and going on to get a Masters of Fine Art degree from the University of South Dakota. Julie loved painting, but it was during her time as a graduate student that she was first exposed to mezzotinting.


Mezzotinting is a complex form of printmaking. It starts with a copper plate that is texturized by hand through a detailed and time-consuming process, and then designs are smoothed into the ridges with carving tools. The texturized portion holds onto ink, creating the design where the copper is smooth. This process was popular during the 1700s, and was revived during World War II. In addition to mezzotinting, Julie enjoys other forms of printmaking and drawing with charcoal.

Julie’s inspiration for her art comes from the Renaissance masters, such as Leonardo Di Vinci, because of their attention to details. She also gets inspiration from nature, and she loves to show the beauty of it through her work.  Looking to the future, Julie hopes to continue making more art and participating in more art shows and programs. She also wants to continue teaching art lessons to people of all ages.


For more information on Julie and her work, check out her websites www.julieniskanen.com or www.roosterscrowstudio.com or find her on Facebook or Instagram @roosterscrowstudio

Julie has many different experiences with art. Her work has been on display in various galleries in Raleigh, North Carolina, Washington D.C., and Seattle, in addition to international galleries. She has taught art classes in a variety of settings, and was the Artist in Residence at Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina.


Born in South Carolina, Julie moved to Raleigh, North Carolina after graduate school. She taught at colleges and owned her own studio, and eventually moved to Angier when she got married. After her children were born, she wanted to continue teaching art while still being able to be home with them, and so she opened her own art studio in her home called Rooster’s Crow Studio. In addition to running her own business, she also teaches online college art classes.

Photos by AnnaScott Cross

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