When it comes to art, Joe shares that he primarily does illustration, especially figurative abstract paintings and pen and inks. He is largely influenced by manga black and white images and german expressionism from the early 20th century. Specifically, one of his favorite artists is Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter from the early 1900s, and his use of illustrative lines and emotional content.  


As for music, despite not initially choosing it for his career, Joe has kept up with it, playing several different instruments over the years. His main inspiration is classic rock, especially when artists play different genres in the same album. Another more contemporary influence is the New Grass movement, which is a combination of bluegrass, folk, and rock music. In both music and art, Joe really enjoys experimentation, trying new and different styles and genre. He is currently a part of the band Luther Vaudeville Duo, where he does vocals and writes music. The band does a combination of jazz, classic rock, country, and original songs. He also plays bass and sings in a band called Sixteen Penny, that frequently plays in Harnett and Johnston Counties.


In the future, Joe would like to get more of his work out to the public, and to find more outlets that appreciate his diverse and experimental style. He would also like to connect with like-minded people who create art and music with diverse influences.


To learn more about Joe’s music, visit his Facebook page @luthervaudeville or look for the group on ReverbNation.

Joe Felice


by AnnaScott Cross

Joe Felice grew up in an artistic family. His mom taught high school art and music, he had an art studio in his home, and his family painted murals on their walls. In addition to art, Joe also played the cello and bass. When he went to college he felt like he needed to choose between art and music for his career path, he chose to pursue art. He went on to get his Master’s degree in art, and worked in art galleries before beginning his teaching career. He taught for twenty years in Kentucky, then after vacationing in North Carolina, he and his wife decided to relocate here. He got a job teaching at Buies Creek Elementary School, where he just finished his fifth year teaching art and running an after-school art club.

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