David Geiger

The Graceful dancer

by AnnaScott Cross

When his sister asked him and his best friend to go dancing, David Geiger, like most fourteen year old boys, was positive he wouldn’t like it. His friend was willing to try it, dragged David along with him, and by the end of the night David was hooked. He continued dancing regularly and learning new styles throughout high school, and eventually got a job teaching dance lessons.


After graduating high school, David attended Campbell University, and during his sophomore year a previous student suggested that he should open his own dance studio. Although he loved the idea, he could not envision how he could make that work as a full-time student. His student continued to encourage him in this direction, though, and eventually he started toying with the idea. One day, as he was driving to Buies Creek for school, his student called him to tell him about this building that was available in Angier and encouraged him to drive by to take a look. He did, and while he was peeking in the window a man came out of a nearby building and asked if he was David. Surprised that he already knew his name, David started talking to him and found out that his student had already contacted the building’s owner and told him that David would be dropping by. Next thing you know, in February of 2010 David officially opened the doors to Grace Ballroom in downtown Angier.

Grace Ballroom currently offers a variety of services. David teaches different styles of partner dances, including the waltz, foxtrot, tango, swing, salsa, chacha, and shag. He also teaches piano and flute lessons, and hosts a jump rope class. In addition to this, they rent out their facility as an event venue for weddings, receptions, quinceañeras, and other events. Twice a month, they host a dance where students can come and practice the ballroom dances they’ve learned in a real environment, and they also regularly host line dancing events. Most of the dances are a set of movements that couples get to put together however they want in an improv style, but once a year they host a show where couples dance a fully choreographed routine. David’s ideal student is one who has a, “Right heart,” with an encouraging and helpful attitude. He says that he loves to see students help and encourage each other.


When it comes to inspiration, David was quick to mention JT Thomas and Tomas Mielnicki, a couple who dance in the American Smooth style. They are two time national champions, and two time international champions, and David has actually had the chance to train with them.


In the future, David would like to continue to increase the number of students both in dance and music lessons. He would also like to increase the styles of dance taught, possibly branching out to ballet, tap, and jazz. Additionally, he would love to get more involved in the community, especially with Campbell University.

To learn more about Grace Ballroom, visit their website www.graceballroom.com or find them on Facebook and Instagram @GraceBallroom

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